Editör v2.0.1

v2.0.1 Version Notes – Fixed Bug: Operator names were not coming along with prices. Bug: Empty prices were occupying the price slots in price arrays. Post-Beta Notes Bugs are fixed. Software is stable in this version.

Editör v2.0.1b

v2.0.1b Version Notes – Added All prices are splitted with their countries. Post-Alpha Notes The software works properly.

Editör v2.0.1a

v2.0.1a Version Notes – Added Prices are sorted by Quicksort Algorithm. Prefixes are splitted with their countries. It helps to reduce time on calculating prices. Prefixes which start with “1” (USA) or “7” (Russia) are checked for belonging to the right country. – Updated Sorting algorithm of prices are changed.

Editör v2.0.0a

v2.0.0a Version Notes – Added creating cost list by the costs coming from numerous operators (at least 2). applying a formula including tax, currency and profit rates. showing costs by at least 2 to at most 5 opeators minimum to maximum by every cost’s operator name. (temporarily) generating excel output of costs by specified queue […]

Editör v1.0.0

v1.0.0 Version Notes (What is done by me to release first stable version) – Added creating virtual prices by applying rules. creating manual profit rate over some specified countries. exchanging prices into another currency. applying tax on prices. rounding prices up or down the prices. showing cost list and processed price plan separately. generating excel output […]

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