Solr for PHP on Heroku

I’ve been using Solr for querying skills on Referbase and when I moved the codes to Heroku, I was not be able to use Solr. Because Heroku does not officially support PHP and they’d not like to help me find a workaround to use it. The warning I was getting from Apache is as follows: […]

Nasıl Ünlü Oldu?

Dün gece AKP’ye kapatma davasını açanın kim olduğunu düşünürken, aklıma Abdurrahman Yalçınkaya geldi. İnternette arattım, birçok site kendisinin sadece Yargıtay Cumhuriyet Başsavcısı olduğunu yazmış. İsmini neden bildiğimizi yazmamış (sebep: DTP ve AKP kapatma davaları). Ben de oturdum, 5 saat gibi bir sürede aşağıdaki web sitesini yaptım: Şu an sadece birkaç girdi var ama isteyen […]

Technical Service Tracking Automation

– Dev’d for Rüzgar Bilişim on February 2012 – Powered by PHP MySQL CSS CodeIgniter v1.2.0 Version Notes (updated on: Feb 21, 2012) – Added to the abilities of Administrator Save and edit forms without sending e-mails Send notification e-mails when the form is edited New attributes are added to the service form Add multiple license […]

Editör v2.0.1a

v2.0.1a Version Notes – Added Prices are sorted by Quicksort Algorithm. Prefixes are splitted with their countries. It helps to reduce time on calculating prices. Prefixes which start with “1” (USA) or “7” (Russia) are checked for belonging to the right country. – Updated Sorting algorithm of prices are changed.

Editör v2.0.0a

v2.0.0a Version Notes – Added creating cost list by the costs coming from numerous operators (at least 2). applying a formula including tax, currency and profit rates. showing costs by at least 2 to at most 5 opeators minimum to maximum by every cost’s operator name. (temporarily) generating excel output of costs by specified queue […]

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